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Shifting Sands is a turn based tactics and resource management game. Maps in the game consist of procedurally generated hexagons, which creates unique and repayable content.

The game follows the journey of an oil rig traversing a foreign planet in search of oil all while fleeing the scorching sun. In order to escape this planet you must acquire and upgrade an army capable of defeating the strongest rig on the planet. Once you defeat this enemy rig you will have the remaining components required to upgrade your rig and escape. To aid you in your journey you will acquire oil and salvage, which help move your rig and upgrade your units through special combats. These combats are initiated on an over-world map, which then transfers you to smaller maps for combats.

Shifting Sands is a student project that was developed by a team of fifteen game design students in one semester for a game design workshop class at The University of Central Florida.

Made in Unreal Engine 4 (4.6)



-Turn Based Combat

-Resource Management

-Unit Upgrade Trees


Install instructions

-Installation Instructions.

-Download and unzip file.

-The .exe is located at:


Please note that this early prototype has many flaws that are not representative of a final product or build.


Shifting Sands Prototype 483 MB